Amaurosis Fugax: Temporary Loss of Vision in One Eye

temporary loss of vision in one eye

Can you imagine losing your vision unexpectedly, like while talking on the phone or eating dinner? It may be scary or panicky to think about it, but it can actually happen. When this happens, visit a general practitioner for diagnosis and treatment. But before this actually happens, let us find out more about amaurosis fugax or the temporary loss of vision in one eye.

Thyroid Eye Disease Natural Treatment

Hypersensitivity of the immune system results in the production of antibodies which attack normal thyroid glands resulting in Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disease characterized by overproduction of thyroid hormone by thyroid glands. These antibodies also extend to attacking eye muscles and tissues causing the eyes to get inflamed, have a double vision, become light sensitive, painful, bulged, dry and irritated a condition known as thyroid eye disease. There are various thyroid eye disease natural treatment options available that help in managing symptoms and overall treatment. These include;