3 Easiest Eye Strain Excercises For Your Tired Eyes

The human being is now dealing with one of its most advanced civilizations. We all know how it feels like, working in front of computer screen all day. Screens are, after all, one of the most important sources of information we could get nowadays. From our laptop computer, iPad, iPhones, and various other entertainment such as TV and Play Station, we are so used with staring at the screen monitor for so long.

The problem with this lifestyle is this: staring at the monitor for a long time will make our eyes tired and lethargic. This condition is commonly known as eye strain’ (Or asthenopia in medical words). We all know how it all manifest. Tired eyes, blurry vision, difficulty in concentrating, fatigue, pain in the shoulder, headaches, or even stress. If you
know you are one of these people working in front of the screen monitor for a long time, you know what we’re talking about.

Here in this article, we will give you 4 easy example of eye strain exercises. These exercises will help to reduce your pain and relieves your tiredness temporarily.

  1. Blink Your Eyes Continuously

This is one of the easiest, yet most crucial technique. Blinking our eyes could reduce the risk of us having dry eyes which won’t be healthy for our eyes condition. We are usually blinking 15-20 times per minute, which consider normal when we are doing our ordinary interactions. However, when we are working in front of a computer screen, we will blink three times less than usual, and of course, this will leads to various problems for our eyes (eye strain).

Before you do this eye strain exercise, try to relax and have a deep breath. While having a deep breath, blink your eyes slowly for 10-30 times. Try to do this exercise every 60 minutes if you want a maximum result.

  1. 20-20-20 Rules

20-20-20 Rule is a method that has been proposed based on medical researches. The idea behind it is that when you stare at a close screen for so long, your eyes will quickly be tired and it needs to look at a different object at a different distance. Every 20 minutes, try to look at object 20 feet away from you, for the duration of 20 seconds. This technique will help reducing fatigue and to relax your muscle eyes.

  1. Roll Your Eyes Visualization Technique

Close your eyes and imagine there is a clock in front of you. With your eyes still closed, imagine that you are rotating your eyes in the direction of 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock. Repeat this exercise for 20 times if you want the maximum result. When you are done with it, you can do it again, this time with the direction of 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock (You can also do this around 20 times). This exercise will help you a lot when and if you have a blurry vision.

So there they are, three easy eye strain exercises for your eyes when your eyes are tired of looking at the screen. Of course, there are a lot more than you can do regarding this tired eyes exercise, such as adjusting your computer screen, adjusting your light, try to have a little walk every now and then. Whatever the technique is, make sure that you take care of your eyes and don’t let it become a more serious problem for you! Some of the reason that may affect your vision is having other kinds of dental treatment like TMJ dysfunction treatment, so we better take good care of our vision and not ignoring it.

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  1. Always encountering this feeling. Don’t know but it is just because of staring my eyes in front of the screen of my laptop for a long period of time.

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