Ways In Which A Cold Can Cause Blurry Vision


having coldsIt is inconvenient sometimes to wear sunglasses for people with myopia. So wearing lenses is a kind of trend and convenience of life, but, after all it is not suitable for wearing lenses for long term, and there are many things you need to take notice of, so we should take care; especially when you are having a cold you are not supposed to wear them because it may cause blurry vision.

When you have a cold and wear lenses at the same time, you might have tearing eyes, which are red and swollen. The cold virus will cause eye diseases such as keratitis that causes by the virus. Because when you are having a cold and keeping sniffing and sneezing, you will use your hands to touch them. Bacteria easily get their way into the eyes and pollute the cornea when people take on or take off the lenses with bacteria-studded hands.

People who have the fever are not appropriate to wearing lenses. When we catch a fever, the immune system of some parts of our eyes are weakened, tear secretion reduced, and bacteria multiply in large numbers. The metabolites of the eyes are deposited between lenses and corneas, impeding the oxygen getting through the lenses and causing blurry vision due to eye disease.

It is well advised that contact lenses users are better not to use contact lenses or to change them to your frame eyeglasses when you are having a cold or getting any fever. Furthermore, you also need to pay more attention to the medicine you choose. Because some medicines of anti-cold, cough or pain contain the ingredients which suppress tears. The decrease of tear secretion will make the contact lenses too dry; reduce transparency, thereby affecting vision. Cornea itself is easy to dry if we further reduce the moist level of the cornea, many inflammations might come into being, such as keratitis, conjunctivitis, and make the eyes red, itchy and have a feeling there are foreign matters in them.

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  1. Ruth Mosher says: Reply

    Now I know, you can get an eye disease through colds because of the direct contact of your hands due to sneezing to your eyes.

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