Vision change during pregnancy

vision change during pregnancy

It’s clear that most pregnant women or those planning to be, don’t consider the impact of the pregnancy on their vision. The most significant factors that cause vision change during pregnancy are hormonal change, fluid retention, blood circulation, among others. Visit another blog to know more facts and tips when planning to be pregnant. Below are some eye problem to expect during pregnancy

a) Blurred vision

Blurred is common for most women during pregnancy. Because of the retention of water in the body, the thickness and shape of the cornea are affected. This leads to blurry and distorted vision. The problem will disappear after delivery or sometimes after breastfeeding.

vision change during pregnancyb) Dryness and irritation

Dryness and irritation of the eyes may also happen during pregnancy. It’s majorly caused by changes in hormones, aimed at maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Dryness in the eyes affects the contact lens since they will not be lubricated. It’s therefore advised to do away with contact lens during this period to avoid irritation in the eyes.

c) Central serous retinopathy

This is an eye disease that allows fluid accumulation under the retina. The fluid causes the layers of the retina to detach, and this distorts visions by creating blind spots. This condition develops during the late stages of pregnancy and is linked to stress hormones. The problem will resolve itself a few months after delivery.

d) Pre-eclampsia

Pre-Eclampsia a sign of a severe problem during pregnancy. It’s characterized by high blood pressure and a sign of other organ damage. Its symptoms are blurry to temporary loss of vision, flashing lights, and seeing auras. If you think you have this problem, you need to contact your doctor immediately to avoid bleeding and other major issues.

Women suffering from diabetics are advised to contact their doctor before and after pregnancy for a screening of any damaged blood vessel in the retina. The screening is needed because the chances of damage to these blood vessels progress with pregnancy. It’s important for diabetic women to keep close tabs on their pregnancy and ensure their blood sugar level doesn’t go up.

There are safe remedies that can relieve vision problems during pregnancy. Talk to your ophthalmologist to give the right prescription. However, vision problems during pregnancy should not cause you any alarm if you have no health problems.

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