The eye is an opening to the body. If the eye is healthy your body will be full of light and if the eye is faulty, your eyesight will be hazy. You should, therefore, maintain a healthy state of eyesight to ensure graceful aging with an intact true vision health.

True Vision Health Foods

fruits and vegestableWith proper dieting, you can provide vital nutrients to your eyes to keep them fit. Beta-carotene per se can assist you achieve a better day and night vision. Once ingested it is usually converted to retinol an important constituent in rhodopsin.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in Beta-carotene – especially carrots. Also, fruits and vegetables are packed with potent anti-oxidant molecules. These molecules will asset fight oxidative stress and free radical that could scavenge on your eyes. You will
slow down the aging of your eyes by taking these anti-oxidant rich foods.

Also, you can take high sulfur and cysteine foods. These foods will keep the eye lenses intact and assist you to achieve a true vision. They include garlic, onions, leek, and capers.

Proper Eye Rest and Sleep

If you work on the computer all day you strain your eyes a lot. This could result in vision problems. So to achieve true vision health, it’s healthy to give your eyes a rest and allow them to recover and replenish the blood supply.

Scientists have stipulated that insomnia and sleep apnea impact general health negatively. This study also indicates that eye health and quality is negatively impacted. So for you to attain true vision health you need to have enough sleep. They say enough sleep in a day keeps eye problems away.

Disease that could predispose you to eye problems

Hypertension is generally regarded as a state of high blood pressure. If the pressure builds up significantly it could result in rupture of the fine blood vessels in the retina. This can result in onset of severe eye illnesses that could even cause blindness. Diabetes also could affect your eyes negatively and should always be checked at all times. Our eyes can also determine health conditions to our body just like dental problem and its rightful to seek professional advice, say if you are living along Sydney area then you have to find a reliable tooth implant Sydney clinic.  It could result in the following eye conditions

· Diabetic retinopathy

· Cataracts

· Diabetic macular edema (DME)

· Glaucoma


At the end of it, your eyesight is your business and you should be tough at it. Do not compromise your vision at any cost. You can follow the following steps and achieve true eye vision.

· Always see an optician once in a while to get your eyes checked

· Get enough good rest and sleep

· Use glasses to rectify some common eye problems.

· Eat eye supporting foods like carrots

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