From Tooth to Eye: How a Dental Infection Can Spread to Your Eyes

Dental Infection

Infections are nothing to be trifled with. Perhaps the most significant hazards happen when something that seems small and irrelevant end up spreading to other parts of the body – a tooth infection spread to the eye, for instance, occurs because the disease-causing agents travel through your bloodstream, all the way from one place to the other.

Dental abscesses mostly occur when individuals don’t care properly for the health of their teeth, have fragile immune systems (as a result of violent treatments such as chemotherapy or conditions like HIV) or suffer from autoimmune diseases. Redness, pain, swelling, and fever are all common symptoms of tooth infections.

NauseaThese may even become harsher and unbearable, as is the case of:

• Vomiting;
• High fevers;
• Overall excruciating pain in the affected area.

If the symptoms are systematically ignored, tooth infection spread to the eye may become a – perilous – reality. Orbital cellulitis, for example, can be a direct consequence of a dental abscess gone untreated. This is an eye-socket infection caused by bacteria whose symptoms include decreased or double vision, discharge from the eye, fever, and difficulty moving the eye from one side to another. If the bacteria spread enough, and orbital cellulitis isn’t treated immediately, it can go as far as causing permanent blindness.
To avoid alarming and critical outcomes such as this, the best course of action is prevention.

Making sure tooth health and hygiene are conducted right involves:

• Flossing at least once a day to keep the spaces between teeth clean;
Brush with fluoride toothpaste;
• Avoid foods and beverages that contain heavy doses of sugar;
• Frequent visits to the dentist.

Dental health is often overlooked by people, which can prove to have terrible consequences. As such, making sure every single area of the body is tended to is the only way to maintain a healthy and vigorous life.

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