The Purpose of Eye Wash Equipment

Eye wash bottles, drench hoses, and drench showers are all examples of eye wash equipment. Eye wash equipment is used in many workplaces, schools, and other settings to ensure safety. Eye wash equipment is usually stored and made use of in eye wash stations which are used primarily to ensure the safety of your eyes, as well as the body.

PRK Eye Surgery

PRK eye surgery (Photorefractive keratectomy) is a type of laser surgery that corrects the short-sightedness and farsightedness. In this light travels through the cornea and it is focused on the retina in the back of the eye. This surgery is purely based on laser, therefore, flap complications or mechanical errors are avoided.

The Basic Eye Care Services

There are a number of drawbacks the visually impaired face in the community. The community always finds it difficult giving them the authority to make decisions, this many a time makes them lose their social standing. Luckily, we can be hopeful of reversing these distressing impacts. If an individual was not born blind, and the loss of their sight can be prevented, then it’s of great significance to get proper eye care services. Here are the common eye care services shared by