Color Blindness Facts

color blindness facts

The inability to distinguish similar tones from the same color is called color blindness. It is very beneficial to understand some of the color blindness facts which can be used to help people with such defects. Read here to understand color blindness better. Dyschromatopsia is a deficiency in which one recognizes only certain colors. On […]

Signs of Poor Eyesight

poor eyesight

Apparently, good eyesight expedites enjoying the beauty the world has to offer. Our day to day activities highly depends on our ability to see and distinguish various things. Therefore, taking care of our eyesight is paramount, not optional. With time, poor vision may develop due to various reasons like the exposure to harmful sun rays or chemicals, a generic thing, age or illness making everything a blurry image. But we can reduce the danger of going blind or having a poor vision by regularly visiting a physician for eye check-ups or other checkups.