Toothache Causing Headache and Eye Pain: 5 Common Dental Problems

Since the nerves of the teeth and eyes are connected together, you may experience a toothache causing headache and eye pain. In fact, there are many reasons to experience this such condition. However, know that tooth pain and head pain may be due to an underlying health problem like TMJ disorder or sinus infection. So, to find out your accurate diagnosis, book an appointment with your dentist or visit your doctor. Only a health care professional is qualified to run a necessary test to analyze and identify the underlying cause of your symptoms. This article will continue to explore the possible connections between headaches and toothache.

When Is The Time For You To Take Sharp Eye Pain Seriously?

Sharp eye pain is commonly caused by debris that falls in the eye. When this occurs, you will typically feel a sudden ache in the eye together with a stabbing and burning sensation. But did you know that several medical conditions could also cause pain in the eyes? As a matter of fact, an untreated dental abscess could affect your eye health respectively. Click here to know more about the link between severe eye pain and dental abscess.