Eye relaxation exercises for eye strain

eye relaxation exercises

These days our eyes experience strain like never before. We are surrounded by electronics, and we spend most of our day looking at a screen. Be it a laptop, a smartphone or TV, your eyes gets tired. It can lead to a plethora of health problems.  While you can relax in a medispa for your overall well being, there are eye relaxation exercises dedicated for strain eyes which will help ease the discomfort and eliminate possible vision damage.

One of the best eye relaxation exercises is looking away. Simply, every 20 to 30 minutes take a break from your screen and look through a window as far away as you can. Try to catch the furthest object from you and focus on it for a minute. This basic exercise will ease your eye muscles and will reduce strain and discomfort. eye relaxation exercises

Another, more interesting exercise is palming. To perform it, calmly rub your hands together until they feel warm. Then, cover your eyes with your palms, by placing heels of your hands onto your cheeks, fingertips on your forehead and palms gently on your eyes. Do not press onto your eyes, simply close them and start breathing. After you feel the warmth of your palms transmitted to the eyes, remove your hands and open your eyes. Not only your eyes will relax, but your stress levels will also drop.

The third exercise is eye rolling. Open your eyes and slowly start to rotate them clockwise. If you have difficulties, you can do so while looking at a watch. Follow each hour of the clock slowly, but steady, and your eye muscles will relax.

Finally, the last exercise requires you to visualize an eight in front of you. Then, draw imaginable eight with your eyes. Repeat it several times and your eyes will relax.

In conclusion, perform these eye relaxation exercises in order to avoid eye strain and possible damage to your vision.

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