Sinus Surgery Recovery: All You Need to Know

sinus surgery recovery

If you’re having a sinus surgery soon, then learn all you can about the recovery process. And the reason for that is simple. While the procedure is largely out of your hands, the recovery isn’t. What you do during this critical time determines how fast and well you heal. For that reason, here’s all you need to know about sinus surgery recovery.  Visit this site to know about other medical surgery.

What to Expect After Surgery

Unless complications arise, expect to go home on the same day you undergo the procedure. But don’t expect to return to work that fast. You need at least a week or even two to recover.

During this period, your nasal cavity remains swollen and tender. Sometimes, it bleeds slightly or fills with mucus. And at other times, it’s encrusted with both.

To help you cope with these side effects, surgeons often pack your nose with nose packing or splints, though not always. They also prescribe nasal antibiotics, sprays, and lubricants.

What to Do as You Recover

sinus surgery recoveryHow well you take care of your nose after a sinus surgery determines whether it heals well or develops scar tissue. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few tips.

Never remove the nose packing or splints, even when they clog up. Leave them in place and breathe through your mouth instead.

When sleeping, support your head with pillows to prevent further swelling and bleeding, especially in the first few nights after surgery.

Never sneeze with your mouth closed. You may dislodge the nose packing and cause bleeding

Avoid blowing your nose or engaging in strenuous activities for at least seven days to prevent bleeding.

Stay away from blood-thinning medications, such as aspirin, that increase the risk of bleeding.

Possible Complications

Diabetic, hypertensive, or hyperlipidemia patients may react to the local or general anesthesia during the surgery. As a result, they may suffer a stroke or cardiac arrest. Patients on blood-thinning drugs, on the other hand, may suffer excessive bleeding.

After the surgery, sinus infections can occur. And in rare cases, a change in the tone of voice or a loss of smell may be experienced.

Recovering from a sinus surgery takes time and effort. So set aside a week or two for recovery, and then take the necessary precautions against infection and excessive bleeding.

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