Scratched Eye Home Remedy

scratched eye

A scratched eye is also referred to as corneal abrasion. It occurs when various foreign materials get in contact with the cornea and cause physical injury. A scratched eye cornea disrupts vision and opens up your eye to infections. Redness in the eye, blurry vision and excessive tearings are signs and symptoms of a scratched eye. Should you experience corneal abrasion, you should first consult a doctor. Below are various home remedies that you could try from home. They are safe and do not pose any harm to you or child.

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  • Cold compress – immediately splash your face with cold water. After put ice on the affected area to stop bleeding.
  • Eucalyptus Oil – put drops of eucalyptus oil on a steam towel and apply on affected area.
  • Tea bags – tea bags are known to provide relief to the eyes. Warm the tea leaves and put on the affected area.
  • Cucumber slices – this is the most common method available. You just have to cut a cucumber, cool them in ice or cold water then apply on affected area.
  • Water – splash lots of water regularly to flash out the foreign materials. This is the safest method.
  • eye careHoney – for this method, boil some water and then allow it to cool. Add two to three spoonful of honey and stir. Splash the solution in your eyes for results.
  • Clean your contact lenses– always strive to clean your lenses using the recommended solution. Dirty contacts may cause a corneal abrasion. You should also avoid going to bed with your contacts.
  • Aloe vera extracts – Aloe vera extracts are completely safe contrary to popular opinion that they are not. Try dipping cotton swabs in aloe vera extracts then applying on the affected area for immediate relief. You can also put a few drops in water and use it to rinse your eyes.
  • Frozen vegetables – Vegetables straight from the freezer have been known to provide instant relief to irritated eyes
  • Cold bread – all you have to do is get some cold bread from the fridge and put it on the irritated. All these methods have been tested and found to work. it’s however not advisable to combine more than one of these as they may elicit reactions that could cause more problems.

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