PRK Eye Surgery

prk eye surgery

PRK eye surgery (Photorefractive keratectomy) is a type of laser surgery that corrects the short-sightedness and farsightedness. In this light travels through the cornea and it is focused on the retina in the back of the eye. This surgery is purely based on laser, therefore, flap complications or mechanical errors are avoided.

The way it works is that an excimer laser which is filled with argon and fluoride gas under high pressure fires high energy radiation to the eye. The molecules in the eyes absorb this radiation that causes it to break down. PRK eye surgery is done under local anesthesia and it takes approximately 10 minutes for both eyes. A bandage contact lens is applied after the surgery immediately. This contact lens is worn up to 4 days in order to allow the surface to heal and then it is removed. When used in a controlled manner it can be used to reshape the eye to reduce or completely eliminate one’s prescription and thus frees you from eyeglasses and lenses. prk eye surgery

During the first weeks the vision might fluctuate, your eyes will be dry but the doctor will prescribe an eye drops to prevent infection and keep the eyes moist. Your vision will increase gradually over time.

PRK has some drawbacks just like other surgeries that is the healing time is quite long, therefore, many surgeons are using a LASIK procedure that has faster healing and the results are predictable. But the final decision of eye surgery is up to you and make sure your doctor advice you the complications that may come afterward.

After surgery avoid situations that can exacerbate the eyes such as strenuous exercise, applying makeup and swimming on a hot tub. If the symptoms of the eyes after the PRK eye surgery becomes worse then contact the doctor.

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