Using lubricating eye drops

applying lubricating eye drops

Lubricating eye drops are used to relieve dry and irritable eyes caused by intense sunlight, reading in too much light, wind or even being exposed to light from your computer screen for long hours.

Eyes are meant to be moistured to prevent the burning and itchy feeling. This is why lubricants have their ingredients well chosen to keep the eye moist and protected as well. Some of the ingredients include dextan, glycerin, hypromellose, polyethylene, glycol 400 and carboxymethylcellulose among many others.

How to use the lubricant eye drops

Before using any lubricant, ensure to consult a doctor or a pharmacist for perfect direction on which product works best. Always check if the solution in the bottle has changed in color before using the drop on your eyes. Follow the instructions carefully before using on the bottle carefully, since some solutions may contain ingredients that make them milky. Some solutions also require to be shaken well before use. According to the doctor’s or the pharmacist’s prescription the drop can be used one or twice in a day. Ointments are used at least once in day before bed time.

steps for applying lubricating eye drops

Steps to be followed when using the dropper

1. Wash your hands

2. Carefully touch the dropper and let it come into contact with the eyes.

3. Tilt you head back pulls your lower eyelid and squeezes one to two drops into the eye.

4. Do the same to the other eye.

Placing one finger at the corner of the eye and applying a little pressure ensures that the medication doesn’t drain away. When using more than one type of eye drop allow an interval of 5 minutes and use the same method above to apply. If the condition persists, visit the doctor after two days, maybe he will prescribe you another eye drop solution. Taking good care of your eyes, will keep them working properly for many years to come.

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