Can Lazy Eye Surgery be Effective to Correct Amblyopia?

lazy eye surgery

Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, is one of the most common conditions of eyes affecting mostly small children at their early ages. People often wonder whether lazy eye surgery can be useful to rectify it and restore the lazy eye to normal conditions.

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Lazy eye mostly happens when the brain and the eye fails to function well together. It affects only one eye in most of the cases. The cause of this disorder can be any condition affecting the focus of a child.

Once a child reaches the age of seven, the connection between the eyes and the brain gets fully developed. Now, if lazy eye disorder is not treated before this age, it will continue to persist throughout life, and it will not be possible to treat the lazy eye.

The best option is to detect it at an early age. So, it is usually recommended to go for eye checkup of small children at the age of four to five. At such age, it can be corrected just by using glasses.

lazy eye surgeryNow, lazy eye surgery can be effective to improve the overall vision of the eye. But if the conditions are extreme and the brain refuses to coordinate with the eye, it is not possible to use any treatment to correct a lazy eye, including laser surgery.

But if you are a lazy eye patient who depends on lenses or glasses, eye surgery can help you to boost your vision. You might not even need the glass or lens anymore. That’s is the reason why so many people with Amblyopia chooses to go for laser eye surgery even though it is not capable of treating the improper coordination between the eye and the brain.

All in all, Laser surgery is not much effective to treat the root causes of Amblyopia or lazy eye.

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