Lazy eye exercises

lazy eye exercises

Thousands of people suffer from lazy eyes. There is a way to remove this weakness. Obviously, the most important thing is to consult an optician about a particular treatment and exercises are going to be most effective for a particular situation. You can perform simple lazy eye exercises that are proven to help your eyes improve gradually.

Simple lazy eye exercises

Distant focus– If you are experiencing too much strain then this is the right method to relax your eyes and remove eye laziness for some days. It is simply where you can focus on distant objects like a painting on a wall or a long distance building. Try to focus on this for a few minutes and this will improve the blood circulation and muscles.

lazy eye exercisesWarm palming method– This is a simple exercise where you rub your palms for a few seconds and place them on your eyes closed. Don’t cover the nose and take a deep breath. Try relaxing your body and keep the palms on the eyes for a few minutes, then massage the eyes without exerting any pressure. Regular repetition can help in getting rid of laziness.

Wearing an eye patch– Wearing an eye patch, is actually a key component of many exercises that are recommended by doctors to patients with lazy eyes. The eye patch is not worn over the problem eye but worn on a good eye. That way, the lazy eye has to work harder in order to communicate with the brain. As a result, the deficient eye gains strength.

Reading small prints– This will help your eyes to focus even more. You might often rely on your eyeglasses or contact, which can easily become a handicap. You can take a half hour out of each day and read books or magazines with fine prints, you should see a definite increase

These lazy eyes exercises will help anyone who is having trouble with their own lazy eye. Try these exercises throughout the week and see how your eyes improve.

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