Laser protection glasses for dental procedures

Laser protection glasses for dental procedures

Laser protection glasses are used in many industries like in medicine, dentistry, and virtually any industry that would deal with a laser. Read on for more information on glasses to protect your eyes during dental procedures.


What are laser protection glasses?

In the field of dentistry, there are a few wavelengths that a dentist can use during procedures, and they would require the use of protective glasses. Both the dentist and the patient would need to use these glasses to protect their eyes during teeth whitening or other procedures.


How do they work?

These specialized glasses work by filtering out the lasers that might be harmful to the eyes using colored or special clear lenses. They would keep your eyes safe by restricting certain wavelengths of light from passing through and allowing the dentist to have a clear vision as they would work. The harmful wavelengths of light may contain radiation that can otherwise blind you, so these laser protection glasses are there to prevent any of those harmful light rays from reaching your eyes.

Some children might be wary in wearing these glasses during procedures, but then since the dentist would also be wearing them, it would help them become more at ease in wearing the glasses for their protection.


Qualities to look for in laser protection glasses

Here is a buying guide to help you know what important aspects to consider in buying safety glasses.


Comfortable. One of the most important factors to consider is comfort. The procedures that will involve the use of laser protection glasses would last a considerable amount of time. They must be comfortable because they will have to be worn until the procedure will be finished. 

Lightweight. They should not be too heavy so that the patient – and the dentist – do not get bothered by the weight of the glasses. Laser protection glasses for dental procedures

Color. Whether you choose to go with colored or clear lenses, both would be able to protect you from the harmful radiation. Some dentists would prefer clear lenses over the colored ones only because they would be less noticeable while they are working.

Frames. You also have to consider the frames of the laser protection glasses you buy. Keep in mind that some patients would wear glasses. You should also purchase safety glasses for those patients. The frames of these glasses would be a little wider to allow the patient to still wear their prescription glasses comfortably during the procedure. 


You will need protection glasses in your dental practice for your safety and the safety of your patients. Protective eyewear is essential for anybody who works and deals with lasers. If you do not use these protective glasses during laser procedures, you and your patients are at risk of losing eyesight. If you have any questions about which glasses would work right with the laser system used in your dental practice, ask the specialist at the shops that would sell these glasses. They would be able to give you recommendations on which glasses you can buy.

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