Learn How To Change Your Eye Color

how to change your eye color

Many people wish that they had bright, blue eyes. Blue eyes are attractive and positive which helps in redefining your facial features. Any blue-eyed woman or man is thought to be visually stunning. The issue at hand is thus, how to change your eye color to bright blue. There’re newer procedures that can help you change your eye color permanently. The colored contact lenses may be an option, but they lack the characteristic of being natural. Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, can result in risks of serious medical eye problems if it isn’t conducted well.

Here’re the two major methods of changing the eye color:

The Iris Implant

The method involves implanting another iris prosthesis on your natural iris. Usually, the implants aren’t secured to the eye. Therefore, as the body bounces around; there’re potential possibilities that the prosthesis could move around and somehow bump against the back side of the cornea and the iris. In any case, the iris is rampant to distress. Thus, if any foreign object accidentally rubs against it, the iris may cause a substantial amount of inflammation in the eye. The procedure involves the trabecular meshwork, which if damaged, it can cause the eye pressure to increase and result in glaucoma gradually. This could lead to a gradual loss of vision.how to change your eye color

The Laser Technique

The procedure is developed by Stromal Medical in California. Normally, the process makes use of a low energy laser that disrupts the top layer of the iris pigment. This hence makes the scavenger cells to eradicate tissue. The procedure may take twenty to thirty minutes per eye. The results of the procedure can be observed within two to four weeks. However, doctors have concerns over the method. Actually, the procedure involves the release of a considerable amount of iris pigment to the eye. Thus, the introduced pigment can possibly clog the trabecular meshwork. This can, in turn, increase eye pressure and thus, cause glaucoma. Glaucoma is known to cause loss of vision.

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