Home Remedies for Periorbital Puffiness

One of the first places to show the effects of any stress is the delicate area around the eyes which is much more susceptible to stress than other areas. As we age, we see the appearance of visible signs of aging such as puffy eyes and dark circles making you look tired all the time even when you are well rested. Plus if you are indeed tired or stressed out, the eyes are one of the first places to show the effects of your stress with fine lines and wrinkles that show the fatigue.


Other stress indicators are signs of aging that are the appearance of dark circles underneath the eyes that occur when the capillaries leak causing red blood cells in the skin to become much more visible. Other visible signs are when fluid builds up in the tissue that surrounds the eyes causing them to become puffy and swollen so that they sag and begin to droop.



Home Remedies Can Provide Some Relief for Periorbital Puffiness

cranberry juice

  • Cucumber slices will cool your stressed out eyes and calm them causing the blood vessels that have become swollen to constrict making them an ideal solution to aid in reducing the puffiness in the eyes. Simply rest for a while with the cucumbers on your eyes to let them soothe this stressed out area. Tea bags that have been kept in the cool refrigerator are an alternative if you do not have any cucumbers available.
  • Drinking cranberry juice can help to reduce the fluid in the eye area as it will act as a diuretic to rid your body of the excess fluids.
  • Use extra pillows to keep your head elevated while you sleep as it will help to reduce the fluid in the eyes to drain properly.
  • Part of your daily routine should be to drink lots of water to keep the body hydrated so it does not become stressed.


Here are a few other solutions that will help to reduce visible signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines:

sun protection

    • Always protect your skin from the sun when outdoors with the use of sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat when you are outdoors as the sun contributes significantly to premature aging.
    • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables that are rich in vitamins A, C, and E and will help to keep your eyes healthy. Also, eating foods can affect your teeth, click the link for more helpful resource.


If you protect your skin with these recommended remedies you will be able to reduce periorbital puffiness caused by aging and environmental stress and fatigue.

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