Glaucoma vs Cataracts

Glaucoma Vs Cataracts

According to the California Optometric Association (COA), patients that visit their facility are always confused between glaucoma and cataracts. They mix up the symptoms of one disease to the other and in the process; may end up visiting rogue opticians that give out wrong prescriptions increasing their misery. To know more about these two diseases, browse this site.

To set things straight, let’s get deeper between glaucoma vs cataracts;

Cataracts: If you are aging, there are high chances of contracting this disease. It’s associated by old age, but eye surgery is the solution.

Glaucoma: The disease is more serious and can lead to permanent eye vision if not detected and responded to appropriately. Eye medical researchers have found out that it’s genetic.

The cause

Glaucoma is considered serious as it causes permanent damage to the optic nerve. The optic nerve acts as a link between the retina and the brain vision centers. When it’s affected, communication is altered between the two which results to lack of vision. The damage is caused by intense pressure on the optic nerve.

On the other hand, cataracts are caused when the eye lenses become weary due to aging. Since the lenses are responsible for allowing light to the eye, the image formed in the eye that has cataract is cloudy and blurred.


Glaucoma Vs CataractsThe good news is that the two combinations can be treated, but glaucoma needs a lot more attention. Opticians recommend the following methods.

  • Surgery: Performing surgery is surrounded by a lot of uncertainties though. For instance, cataract surgery may cause a short or long-term change in the eye pressure (pressure spikes). After the surgery, it’s recommended that you take anti-pressure spikes medicines.
  • Use of Adrenergic Medicines: This medicine is mainly used to treat glaucoma. In some instances where a person has both disorders, the medicine is used to enlarge the eye pupil to expose cataracts to extra light.

It’s always recommended that you visit an optometrist as soon as you realize anything strange happening to your vision. These diseases are dangerous and can lead to permanent eye damage hence they require thorough examination.

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