The inability to distinguish similar tones from the same color is called color blindness. It is very beneficial to understand some of the color blindness facts which can be used to help people with such defects. Read here to understand color blindness better.

Dyschromatopsia is a deficiency in which one recognizes only certain colors. On the other hand, the failure to see color is simply known as achromatopsia.

A major color blindness facts to know is that in most cases, color blindness has been associated with a congenital irregularity. However this deficiency is uncommon, it mostly occurs when people are getting aged simply because the eye lens is also aging hence losing their magnification power.

Another color blindness fact is that it is also associated with the genetic composition of different persons since it can be transferred from parents to their offspring. This form of color blindness usually affects many men compared to women. It may also be due to the health condition of a person since a malnourished person may have some eye problems contributing to colorblindness and side effect of the drug. Damage to the retina and optic nerve can also affect color perception hence resulting in color blindness. color blindness facts

In most cases, people experiencing achromatopsia will not be able to distinguish different colors and they may only see shades of green and it may also affect distance in which an individual eye is able to perceive an image at a distance. It is significant to understand that dyschromatopsia is a more popular deficiency than achromatopsia. People with the latter deficiency have no other vision difficulties except the inability to differentiate green color.

The prevention of color blindness is unknown but the best thing to do is always to have regular eye examinations so that any defect can be identified early and corrective measures performed to prevent losing your vision. Since this is a lifelong condition, an early examination is very essential to learn how to deal with this problem. There is no cure for this condition. You also need methods to deal with stress, such as security measures and proper care. Another major color blindness fact is that any person with such type of defect is generally restricted to drive vehicles unless under special guidance and using special sunglasses

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