Eye Ultrasound

Regular procedures to check an eye often fails to detect some problems. If you have some severe issues in your eye, an eye ultrasound and X-rays can diagnose it precisely and accurately.

What is an Eye Ultrasound?

This ultrasound uses some strong frequencies or waves to detect the eye and its orbit. The orbit shows the retina section.

The reasons behind this ultrasound scanning

If your eyes are injured and bleeds internally, it can be detected by this ultrasound technology. Apart from this, tumors, retina displacement, Glaucoma, and cataracts can be identified by this ultrasound scanning.

How does this scanning work?

There are two sections of this ultrasound scanning. The first one is A-scan and the second one is B-scan.

A scan is done to get the proper measurements of your eyes. Before surgery, this is a necessary step.

Here you will be scanned in two ways. Sitting on a chair, your eyes will be examined. A kind of oiled matter/substance will be provided on your eyes.

In the second part, you will lie, and scanning will be done. A water-filled pot will be on your eyes during the scanning.

The B scan is done to see inside your eyes. It becomes difficult for a doctor to see inside and to see the back of your eyes. This scan shows your doctor cataracts and the tumors inside your eyes.

During the scanning, your eyes will be closed, and you will be sitting on a chair.

Does this ultrasound involve any risk?

This ultrasound is entirely safe. Before the scanning, you will be given anesthetic drops into your eyes. The procedure will take 25 to 35 minutes to complete.

After this scanning, your vision will be blurred for 30 to 40 minutes. After scanning your eyes will be completely normal. This ultrasound scanning involves no side effects.

If you are suffering from any type issues like debris in your eyes, retina problem, damaged tissues of the eyes or swelling, you should visit an expert ophthalmologist to check your eyes with ultrasound technology.

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