Eye Tooth Infection

eye tooth infection

Tooth infection is also referred to as dental abscess. This is an infection at the base of the tooth in which a pocket of pus forms at the root of the tooth in the patient’s jawbone. The gum near the infected tooth usually swells as a result of the infection.  Using a variety of dental tools, this can be treated. So if you’re looking for one you can visit this site to buy affordable dental supplies: https://criticaldental.com.au.

When a dental abscess is left untreated, the infection spreads to the face and cause swelling a condition known as cellulitis. Cellulitis is dangerous because one it starts spreading, it spreads very quickly. When the infection spreads further and reaches the eye socket, it causes orbital cellulitis. Orbital cellulitis that results from a tooth infection is what we call eye tooth infection.

Symptoms of tooth infection

Tooth infection is caused by a crack or cavity in the tooth. A patient with a tooth infection will experience pain and discomfort when chewing hard foods,and when sipping cold or hot drinks. The pain then spreads to ear, jaw and eventually to the eye on the same side as the infected tooth.

Tips on how to Handle Tooth Infection at Home

  • Avoid extremely hot or cold beverages and chewing using the side with the infected tooth. This will help reduce pain and blood flow.
  • If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, you can apply oil of cloves on the tooth.
  • Use over the counter pain relief medicine to help reduce pain
  • Visit the pharmacy or chemist where you will get an antibiotic prescription.

Visit a Dental Clinic

Make a point of visiting the dentist or oral surgeon. He or she will present a solution for the tooth infection. He or she will drain the tooth via root canal or surgery. If the dentist determines that the toot is irrevocably damaged, he might recommend pulling of the infected tooth.

Eye Tooth Infection

Infections might spread through the bloodstream from an infected tooth to an eye socket. If the infection has spread from the tooth to the eye, this is a very serious case which needs urgent care. If left untreated it can cause permanent blindness.

Symptoms of Eye Tooth Infection

  • double or decreased vision
  • redness, pain or swelling in and around the infected eye
  • yellow (sometimes green) and watery discharge from the infected eye
  • high fever
  • bulging eye
  • pain or discomfort when moving the eye in one or more directions

Diagnosis of Eye Tooth Infection

Doctors use :-

  • MRI scans
  • CT Scan
  • Laboratory tests of the discharge
  • and blood test to check for bacterial, fungal and other infections


The doctor drains the infection from the eye and puts the patient under antibiotics prescription and constant monitoring.

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