Eye Problems After Dental Work

Eye Problems After Dental Work

There are a lot of dental complications following after dental operations. It may either be caused by not correctly doing the treatment, or it may be caused by the patients that are not following prescribed instructions. Some of these complications are through continuous bleeding of the gums or may either be through infections. By any change, does the eye have any connection with our teeth? Is it possible to have eye problems after dental work? Yes, there are some eye problems known that are connected with any dental problem. Having healthy teeth and maintaining good oral health will not lead to any eye complication if gone to surgery.

Here are some of these complications we can have if a dental difficulty arises:

loss of sight• Branch Retinal Artery Occlusion

This kind of eye problem is somewhat caused by the administration of local anesthetics near to a specific nerve that can directly affect the eye. These nerves talk about the cranial nerves that are connected to our eyes. Impaired vision and having the ability to accurately distinguish color are some of the symptoms felt if a complication occurs. If the anesthetics reach the inner eye retinal tissues, it may result in permanent eyesight loss. If follow up check-up and proper consultation with the appropriate doctor, we can avoid this kind of problem.

• Endogenous Endophthalmitis

In one case following the story of a woman, she went under dental cleaning, and after ten days, she had pains and sight problems with her right eye. She was unable to follow movements and signs, and her eyes physical texture becomes like a bright crystal ball. This kind of problem may occur if there is a focal (lens) infection. This may come from an improper way of cleaning procedure that instead of cleaning the teeth, it triggered the seeding of bacteria that directly affected the eye. Scientist and doctors are not bright if it is really due to the dental cleaning. But there is some evidence that points it out. This is the first case from which that a simple dental cleaning can cause such an eye problem.

These two are eye problems after dental work that are prominent and can cause us trouble if dental complications occur. Follow instructions well and take in the prescribed dosage of medicine until the right duration of intake.

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