Everything to know about cosmetic eye surgery

Cosmetic eye surgery

The eyes are the central element of the face. When we meet new people, we always seek eye contact. This area of the face is given special attention. For many people a reason not to undergo only medically necessary interventions. Of the more than 13,000 operations performed annually on the upper and lower eyelids, more and more procedures are cosmetic eye surgery.

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Of course, these interventions should only be performed by specialists. The specialists are, for example, the specialists in ophthalmology because plastic-reconstructive surgery on the face has always been the subject of their training.

The operating ophthalmologists know the complex relationships of the eyelid with the eye and create your diagnosis and treatment under evaluation of the entire ophthalmological findings image. This achieves a cosmetically and functionally optimal result and avoids unexpected late complications.

What happens during a lid surgery?

Cosmetic eye surgeryIn the case of an upper lid plastic for the treatment of a hanging gel, the excess of skin and fat over the eyelid fold is gently removed. The fine seam is created exactly on this line and thus remains completely invisible. At the lower eyelid, we make a fine cut at the edge of the eyelid in order to remove the fatty tissue and to tighten the musculature a bit. Subsequently, the excess skin tissue is removed. Also, this seam will be so subtle that it is not perceived. Both procedures are performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia and in twilight sleep – on request also under general anesthesia – and take about 60 minutes.

Improved healing by Hilotherapy

Eyelid surgery can cause mild edema or bleed around the eye. To reduce this as quickly as possible, we offer you the so-called Hilotherapy. In doing so, a temperature that is precisely suitable for the treated tissue area is used to enable the metabolism to ‘dispose’ of dead cells and proteins and to accelerate the healing process. Hilotherapy is a thermo-healing method that works on the affected part of the body with different temperatures that can be selected exactly to the degree – between + 10 C and + 38 C. Both hypothermia (temperature reduction) or hyperthermia (temperature increase) can be used. This happens after eyelid surgery using an eye mask, flows through the exactly tempered water and the eye area either cools or warms. You can apply this mask in practice and at home.

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