The Basic Eye Care Services

eye care services

Blindness or low vision has a number of effects on people. These effects or consequences include the drop in quality of life, mortality increase and far reaching economic consequences. Quite often, there is the stigma affiliated to blindness, further distancing the ones who do not have the sense of sight from their social community. There are a number of drawbacks the visually impaired face in the community. The community always finds it difficult giving them the authority to make decisions, this many a time makes them lose their social standing. Luckily, we can be hopeful of reversing these distressing impacts. If an individual was not born blind, and the loss of their sight can be prevented, then it’s of great significance to get proper eye care services. Here are the basic eye care services shared by

The most fundamental eye care service is the comprehensive eye exam. The ophthalmologist performs the typical eye chart examination. This entails reading out letters, numbers or characters from a chart placed some few meters away from you. A cover test is also performed, to check whether the eyes are in good alignment. There’s an increased inflexibility of the eye lens as we age, this makes it difficult to focus on objects close to us, this in turn makes an individual have a hard time accomplishing tasks that need near vision. This condition is known as presbyopia. As we get to middle age it is important to go for presbyopia tests, and get treatment in the event that we have it. eye care services

When an individuals body does not produce and sustain adequate tears for the surface of the eye to stay lubricated, they are most likely to be having the dry eye disease. The basic eye care services provide diagnosis and treatment for this condition. Additional eye care services that can be provided include the diagnosis and management of various ocular conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts.

An individuals proper vision is crucial right from the onset of their lives. It is recommended to visit an ophthalmologist after every 3-5 years to get your eyes checked. The quality of life can be drastically improved if an individual gets proper eye care services.

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