Can eye dilation cause problems

can eye dilation cause problems

Eye dilation is the procedure of putting dilating drops in the eyes to widen the pupil. It’s done by opticians. The optician will use a magnifying lens to assist him in getting a clear view at the back of your eyes. Hence, the optician will be able to diagnose various eye conditions. Apart from diagnosing these conditions, dilating drops are also used to treat some common eye problems. However, dilation is more recommended for older people. This is because they are more prone to eye diseases than the younger ones. It’s advisable for them to go for eye dilation at least once in a year. You can visit the website and look at HomeDoctorsSydney services for the services they offer for optimum health.

Can eye dilation cause problems?

can eye dilation cause problemsGenerally, this is a short-term procedure. The optician, at first, puts dilating drops in your eyes. These drops cause your pupils to widen after half an hour or so. After the examination by the optician, you could feel various side effects. However, these side effects vary from one person to another. It may also take longer periods than others for these side effects to reduce. Therefore, we shouldn’t mistake the side effects caused by dilation for eye problems. This is because they normally affect you after the eye examination only.

Some of the common side effects caused by the dilating drops include:    

  1. One can experience blurred vision; hence you may not be able to see things clearly as before.
  2. It may also cause the eyes to become very sensitive to light. Extreme light can damage the pupil of the eye hence affect your vision.
  3. You may have a lot of difficulties focusing on things. This includes even those ones that are near you.
  4. The dilating drops may cause irritation in the eyes.
  5. Some people may also feel a lot of dizziness after the eye examination.

Eye dilation is good because it helps to diagnose several eye conditions at an early stage. Therefore, treatment can be done in good time. Apart from eye conditions, dilation is also known for diagnosing chronic diseases like diabetes and blood pressure. Hence, this makes it a good medical examination. Opticians recommend it because it’s an occasional procedure.

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