swollen face can lead to blurred vision with headaches

A tooth infection can lead to blurred vision with headaches

Perhaps you assume that teeth health is overrated and it’s another marketing strategy by toothpaste companies to have more profit. If you realize that most of us love to eat sweet things, it is no surprise that we need to keep proper dental hygiene to reduce the risk of tooth damage. There are useful articles at https://www.piazzadental.com.au/ about nutrition and tooth damage and how a simple tooth infection can cause face swelling leading to blurred vision with headaches.
Sometimes it is not that simple as going to the dentist and have the tooth damage fixed. Swelling, and blurred vision with headaches are the primary effects of a tooth infection.

man with swollen face from tooth has blurred vision with headaches

Swelling: Once bacteria find their way inside the tooth as a result of poor hygiene, they cause an infection. Response of the body to the infection results in the accumulation of pus. The accumulation of puss leads to:
– Pressure to the tissues.
– A swelling that can spread to the gums and the face in extreme circumstances. Swelling in the face can lead to blurred vision as the pressure spreads to the eyelids.

Headaches: There are various reasons why an infection will cause you a throbbing headache. First, the pressure on the face will definitely spread to ears, neck, and the skull leading to pain in the head. Second, the sensitivity of the tooth to extreme temperature and pressure will also lead to headaches. As a result, you will feel sharp pains that radiates to the head if you take a cup of hot coffee or treat yourself to ice cream. Furthermore, you will also feel pain in the head if you try to chew because chewing causes pressure. You might end up skipping meals to avoid the pain.

A tooth infection might cause problems not only in your mouth, but it can also affect your ears, eyes and throat. Oral hygiene should be a daily routine.

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